Education Bitcoin project looking for grant!


While postuling mself for a grant at , I came across everyone admission and thought it was usefull to share them here. If you want ot go support them wth your time or sats, feel free 😊



  • – wiki is run by a volunteers from Plebnet providing a goto source for newbs wanting to get started with setting up lightning nodes.
    We wish to secure funding for years of hosting to come.



  • and – Currently giving our own time FOC, the 3 partners in Bridge2Bitcoin are:

    – Educating merchants around the UK on how to accept Bitcoin payments on site in their businesses.
    – Knocking on their doors, talking to them about how accepting Bitcoin can benefit their business from payment processing costs to affiliate marketing to Bitcoin community.
    – Orange pilling merchants where they’re open to it, and helping them with materials to orange pill their customers as part of driving up the share of their revenue paid in Bitcoin.

    We support the merchant in choosing the best solution for their business and hold their hands over the line. We will always make ourselves available to help smooth their Bitcoin learning journeys both as individuals and business owners.

    We support regional meet up groups around the UK with materials and advice to help members go out and onboard their local merchants in turn. For example in the last 24 hours we have provided time and materials to two regional Bitcoiners looking to get out and build the circular economy in their local town (Bury St Edmonds and Cheltenham).

    We maintain and promote the UK map of merchants accepting Bitcoin which can be found at Every new businesses added is tweeted out and tagged in the tweet along with the link to the updated map. Currently we are adding about 4 UK on site businesses per week.

    Ultimately we hope to be able to find a place where we can generate sufficient revenue from the skills and networks we have built to be self-sustaining.


  • – I take to the streets of the UK with a camera and microphone and orange pill members of the public. Sometimes I give out sats to interested parties. I upload the street interviews to YouTube. I am committed to giving away 100% of all the sats I am provided with.


  • – Teaching Salvadoran everything they would need to know about bitcoin, teaching street vendors to sell online with bitcoin and collaborate with each other.


  • – 🌍Connect the World is founded by a team with a shared passion for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network! They want to advance Lightning adoption and highlight all sides of it. Not only Lightning as a payment system, but also as an underlying technology for a multitude of other options!

    Every week we publish podcast Episodes and Quick Talks about developments and adoption with the largest share of Lightning out there!

    We need help to build and continue serving the Lightning Space with valuable content and therefore we’re busy with more projects:

    🌙 The Daily Moon is a platform to stay up to date about everything related to Lightning News and Updates. We also want to share columns, in-depth articles from guest writers, and interviews with people within the Lightning Space.
    We’re active on TDM.NEWS, Twitter, and Telegram. Spread the news and let everyone taste all the developments within the Lightning Space!

    🔥 With our SR Rings of Fire project, we created a community to contribute to building a worldwide distributed Lightning Network by connecting Node operators from more than 36 countries around the world. This is how we make bitcoin payments accessible to everyone!

    This is also a platform to learn everything about the inner workings of Lightning.

    ⚡️To continue with our ambitious mission we need help!


  • – Kivéclair is an educational and economical development project based on Bitcoin. It operates in Goma, in the Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    With the recent success of Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, we have decided to offer our help to disadvantaged locals and use Bitcoin and the Lightning Network to promote financial inclusion for all.

    In October 2021, we launched a Lightning Torch on Twitter, and received other donations in support of victims of the Nyiragongo volcano eruption. We collected nearly 3 million sats (satoshis), which enabled us to help a dozen people. (See reports on Twitter). The success of this experience led us to want to build a more formal and methodical approach to help, the Kivéclair project was born.

    We are now soliciting bitcoiners once again, in order to help finance our own Bitcoin Beach in Goma. We have designed the project in stages in order to be able to properly assess local needs and keep this campaign running continuously.

    Stage 0 : Help a larger audience thanks to Bitcoin. Target is to aid 50 people.
    Stage 1 : Financing of a dedicated Kivéclair space in Goma, to offer permanent and professional support, for one year.
    The following stages will be decided upon progressively, as opportunities and needs arise and are identified on the ground.



  • – The Bitcoin Times is an annual Bitcoin-only publication that I’ve been running for a number of years now.

    It’s a collection of ever-green essays written by the best minds in Bitcoin, which I get professional designed around a particular theme.

    We’ve done the Promethean edition, « A New Hope », The Sovereignty Edition and this year I’ve managed to wrangle up Saifedean, Bitstein, Pierre and Tuur for « The Austrian Edition ».

    The premise is to have a home for annual, high quality, high signal, long form essays around a theme, that are not only a pleasure to read, but that are visually appealing and can be read now or 10, 20, 30yrs from now.

    I want to keep it free forever online, and have to date funded it all myself (design, web, etc).

    I do plan to make a physical, limited edition print at some stage, but I want online to be free always.

    I’m working on a new website now:

    Which is costing a pretty penny.
    But I want to give this the attention it deserves.

    I’d love some assistance so I can continue doing this moving forward.

    I think I meet all the requirements:

    I know how to execute and have 4yrs of track record already
    2. It certainly adds value and brings with it the best voices in the industry
    3. It’s a high signal, not-for-profit endeavour that fits squarely into education


  • – I am teaching Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in Arabic. I have made a full Bitcoin course explaining the history and the basics of Bitcoin.

    What is IqraCrypto Opportunity?

    400 million estimated Population where Arabic is a mother tongue
    103 million students across the Middle East and North Africa

    Bringing bitcoin knowledge to these countries by breaking the language barrier will support the growth and the adoption of crypto.

    The bitcoin course is already live


  • Bitskwela:


Website:, Facebook: – We expand bitcoin literacy here in the Philippines by providing free educational content translated into the country’s major languages, such as Tagalog, Ilocano, and Cebuano.

We also hold seminars, workshops, and face-to-face events for different local organizations and schools, all anchored on our mission to educate Filipinos on Bitcoin and its fundamentals.

In the medium to long run, Bitskwela plans to execute regional reach-outs where we can educate Filipinos from different provinces and stretch out our educational efforts to the far-flung areas in the Philippines.

Overall, Bitskwela stays away from any financial advice or investment strategies – we focus on the fundamentals of Bitcoin, what makes it a better form of money, and what problems it solves in our world.



  • The Price In Sats – – The Price In Sats website is designed to show everyday items in SATs, the smallest denomination of bitcoin. The site is purely educational and is a way for people to find items and the cost of those items.

    The website aims to focus on SATs and not the ‘whole’ bitcoin which people often think is too expensive.

    I want to change this perception and show people its a global currency. I wrote a little blog on it here:



  • My First Bitcoin – Focused on Bitcoin education in El Salvador–ranging from intro classes to a 10-week #BitcoinDiploma. We have taught 5,000+ students so far (since last Sept) and have ambitious plans for expanding the Diploma program.


  • Crypto 101 – – I wrote a weekly newsletter about Bitcoin Education, Security, Blockchain, Scams, and how to avoid being scammed in any way. I also develop the inner idea of Bitcoin as privacy, technology and governance.
    It is written in Spanish, and any found received will be used to marketing expenses, and promotional items.


  • Aceita Bitcoin – – Teaching people about bitcoin and pushing for adoption with merchants. There’s a podcast also
  • Bitcoin racing – – Using motorsports as a medium to increase awareness and education surrounding Bitcoin, our race team can reach over 40 million motorsports fans on TV and in person. As well as making important impressions on millions people who see our HGV transporter on UK roads or the cars at some of the UK’s finest race tracks, we also have the ability to educate tens of thousands of these spectators as we have joined the Bitcoin pioneer community. We can gift spectators £10 in no strings attached Bitcoin and then forward them to an education seminar hosted by seasoned analyst Jason Deane. Our project therefore has two important aspects. Firstly, we can plant seeds in peoples minds which will get them to start thinking about Bitcoin, and, secondly, we can gift people Bitcoin, and refer them to high quality education.

    In addition to the exposure that the racing championships we plan to enter will provide, we also have the full support of El Salvador, and Jessica Bukele, President Nayib Bukele’s cousin, has assured us that the Countries marketing departments will keep up with our story and provide us with consistent social media support.

    Finally, one of our drivers is set to imminently become a global celebrity, and is set to gain an estimated 4-6 million followers due to the nature of the opportunity he has just undertaken. This opportunity reached 60 million viewers on a huge, global streaming network.

    Exciting this driver is half Salvadoran meaning El support is going to come out in full force. The President himself regularly shares updates on Native sports superstars.

    This driver will become an advocate for Bitcoin giving us the opportunity to orange pill millions of people who, most likely, have not yet considered Bitcoin.

    We can combine influencer marketing, motorsports advertising and nation scale marketing support from El Salvador to reach millions of people who we can educate, and liberate from the fiat system.



  • Planeta Bitcoin – – Desenvolvendo um canal que tem como objetivo alcançar o público pre-coiner apresentando como o bitcoin resolve problemas históricos como confiscos, políticas Keynesiana, as shitcoins, etc. Estamos acrescentando documentários e atualmente estamos dublando o premiado The Great Reset and The Rise of Bitcoin de Pierre Corbin em língua portuguesa-br com a participação das principais vozes da comunidade bitcoiner brasileira. No Brasil a barreira linguística é muito forte, por isso nós empenhamos a buscar os melhores documentários estrangeiros e dubla-los para o português. No Space do Twitter estreamos o Podcast A Bolha onde bitcoiners comuns tem espaço para contar suas trajetórias e interagir com os outros integrantes da comunidade de forma espontânea, posteriormente esses episódios são publicados no canal Planeta Bitcoin (YouTube). Tudo isso com uma linguagem simples focada para iniciantes, conectando as pessoas através de histórias de vidas dos mais variados bitcoiners do Brasil. Sendo assim o Canal Planeta Bitcoin é composto de vídeos autorais, documentários estrangeiros e um podcast.


  • com – We’ve been translating into spanish a corpus of Bitcoin articles that are mainly in english to share with people that are looking for resources. The funds will be used to create some infographics, the distribution of a free Bitcoin 101 course and to start the creation of a digital book with a selection of these articles+infographics, focusing on newcomer level. We have an army of almost 20 translators also known as Los Mercenarios del Español



  • The Nakamoto Tree Project – com – Bitcoin is hard to grok. It takes many hours of interdisciplinary study just to begin to understand it.

    In an age of lowering attention spans this seems like a big hill to climb for mass adoption to take off…but fear not! There is a way to overcome this chasm of understanding. Humans have always relied on metaphors to convey highly complex/deep topics.

    I believe low time preference and all its attendant civilizational benefits is the most important component of bitcoin that we can convey to pre coiners, no coiners and shitcoiners alike… and I believe that trees are an ideal metaphor for communicating the idea of low time preference.

    Planting and stewarding a tree, especially one that has the capacity to live for thousands of years and grow to massive proportions, is a tangible accessible affordable un-impeachable metaphorical act that we bitcoiners can use to our advantage while spreading the good news of the timechain. I have chosen the giant sequoia tree as my tree of choice and I have been gifting saplings and seeds to all the bitcoiners I meet and asking them to plant a tree, dedicate it to bitcoin and use it as a metaphor for describing the finer qualities of bitcoin to their friends and neighbors.

    My hope is that bitcoiners plant these trees in their yards but also in public places, and that they use these public groves as meeting places to host bitcoin themed events so that these groves can act as physical nexus points in our intangible digital network. I have been buying growing and distributing giant sequoia seeds (I was handed out hundreds of packets of sequoia seeds down in Miami at Bitcoin 2022) and saplings out of my own pocket which has limited the scope of this project but with grant funding I could expand my nursery, and offer more trees to ship to willing bitcoiners across the country and perhaps globe.



  • Triangle BitDevs – – I run a BitDevs meetup in central North Carolina. We have a small dedicated group of developers who attend our monthly seminars. I have just expanded from one to two meetups a month. One focused on a general survey of topics and a slightly different format to deep-dive into a single topic at a time.

    I feel that there is a lot more potential to grow the bitcoin community in my area. I would especially like to offer a more introductory level bitcoin meetup focused on teaching the values and goals of the bitcoin community, best practices around safely purchasing and self-custodying bitcoin, how to run a node, set up an online BTC store or PoS system, etc.

    Receiving a grant would help me invest more of my time into running meetings, invest in audio/video equipment to hold hybrid in-person and online meetings and invite guest speakers to join us remotely, sponsor food & drink, sponsor larger meeting spaces, and perform more marketing and outreach.